21 KM

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42 KM

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Few Stats for Half Marathons

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Join us for the Third edition of SRVM


1.What are the category?

Winners, runners-up and third place finishers will get the top honours in their respective categories.

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42 Full Marathon

21 KM Half Marathon

10 Km

5 Km

3 Km

The route is a Pradakshina of Brahmagiri hill range and trimbakeshwar temple. Green hills and waterfalls dot the landscape.

Timing chip determines the winners. No timing chip -- No winner, even if you reach first.

2.Why is T-shirt and timing chip separate?

Costs for out of city run is always higher because of the logistics involved. So this is an attempt to reduce cost where possible. First three Winners get Trophy, bragging rights and the honour. First three Winners get Trophy, bragging rights and the honour.

3.What is the last date of registration?

We have a limited route capacity. As soon as we reach this number the registration stops. So we don't have a fixed date.

4.What does registration fee cover?

Registration fee covers Bib, Finishers medal, breakfast and e-certificate If you opted for timing chip then it also includes finish time and splits. Timing-Certificates is provided only to runners whose timing is recorded at every checkpoint on the course. To make sure that the timing is recorded, runners must cross the timing mats at the checkpoints and listen for a beep.

5.Where and when do I collect timing chip, bib and other accessories for the race?

Bib Distribution and details to be annouced soon!

6.Is it compulsory to collect the bib on or before 30th Sep 2017 ?

Yes it is compulsory. You may be denied permission to participate.

7.Can someone else collect the bib on my behalf?

If some one else is collecting then that person should carry your written authorization with a copy of your ID proof signed by you. WhatsApp copy is acceptable. You will get an SMS with your bib number,pass it to your friend.

8.I could not collect my Bib at the bib distribution counter. Can I collect it on the race day?

No, bibs and timing chips will not be distributed on race day.

9.Where to stay?How do I get to the location of the run?

Details Coming Soon.

10.Is there parking at the starting area?

Yes. Parking space will be available close to event location

Stone Ridge Valley Marathon

We made a special after movie about the making and the journey behind the Stone Ridge Valley Marathon , watch it here.

30th Sep. 2017

Click here to watch the Stone Ridge Valley Marathon video

Know Your Pacers

42 KM

Inderpal Khalsa

Pacing 42 km in 4:30

Mitesh Rambhia

Pacing 42 km in 5:00

21 KM

Ankit Thummar

Pacing 21 km in 2:00

Tushar Patwardhan

Pacing 21 km in 2:15

Kiran Gaikwad

Pacing 21 km in 2:30

Anil Kale

Pacing 21 km in 2:45

10 KM

Bhawan Sankala

Pacing 10 km in 60 mins

Shweta Bhide

Pacing 10 km in 70 mins

Raghuvir Adhikari

Pacing 10 km in 75 mins

Nilofar Khan

Pacing 10 km in 80 mins

We are back !

Monsoon weekends are not to be spent at home ,get out and conquer the challenge !